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Meet Gillian


My Story

After exploring several careers such as being a retail buyer, airline supervisor, and an elementary school educator; I came to the realization that I was not feeling fulfilled. I wanted to find a career where I could help people in a personal way.

I decided to return to school and earn my M.A. in Psychology. I graduated with a dual specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling. These specializations, along with my masters in education, has allowed me to see some aspects of life with a 360 degree lens.

My clinical training experience at Southern California Counseling Center included working with trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, infidelity, self-worth, career issues, stressors associated with aging and caretaking, parenting issues, blended families, and substance abuse to name a few. Having had the privilege to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds dealing with various mental health issues; has allowed me to gain valuable insight and tools so that I may provide high quality therapy.

Born and raised in the Caribbean, I come into each session with a culturally sensitive focus. This allows me to listen and learn about your individual experiences and unique family culture. When working with individuals or couples I utilize a person centered approach in order to explore your past and present. Additionally, I encourage mindfulness practices to allow each client/couple to feel less anxious and more present. My integrated approach helps me decide what modality will benefit you the most.

I like to think of my clients as unique persons ranging in age from 13 to 99, who are looking for a framework that helps them feel more grounded and more able to cope with the volatility of life. I work collaboratively with my clients to achieve all their stated goals.

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