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Initial Consultation

Not sure about therapy or how it could help you? Maybe you've done this before and are seeking someone new to work with. Whatever your reasons get a free 15 minute consultation about what you're needing and how I can help.


Give me a call or send me a text at (310) 251-5401 or email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!  

Individual Therapy

Is therapy tailored for one. In this therapy mode people come in to talk about various issues that are impacting or affecting them in their everyday life. Individual therapy can help you learn about yourself, your thought processes, identify what's getting in your way, view things from a different lens, be able to speak with a professional who can be objective, and help you develop strategies to work through stressful situations as they arise. The hope is for you take control and feel empowered.

Image by leah hetteberg
Loving Couple

Couple's Therapy

Is therapy tailored for two. Whether you and your partner are struggling with communication, sex, understanding, value differences, boundaries, or having trust issues, couple's therapy can help.

The goal here  is to help both persons understand their partner, learn strategies for better communication and clarity, understanding each others feelings and where they are stemming from in order to help one another work through the issues together and not avoid or work against each other.

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